Sobriety Court

Washington Parish Courthouse

This specialty court was established to address non-violent offenders who have two or more DWI convictions, have indicators of a serious alcohol problem (prior alcohol related arrests/convictions or high BAC at time of arrest) and meet criteria for alcohol abuse/dependence. This specialty court will also accept felons who, as part of their sentence, with District Attorney approval, must complete this specialty court program. Program requirements include treatment, frequent EtG testing, drug testing, case management, individual and group counseling and regular attendance at twelve step meetings. Case management will also assist with educational skills, assessments and will provide referrals for vocational training, education and/or job placement. Data is current as of December 31, 2017 and will be updated yearly.

  • 2008 to present
  • Currently presided over by Judge Lobello
  • Current Census – 58
  • Alcohol/Drug Free babies – 1
  • Cost per client per year – $4,041.67
  • Recidivism rate – 1 year = 0.1%; 2 year = 0.2% as calculated by the Louisiana Supreme Court