Adult Drug Court

Washington Parish Courthouse

This specialty court was established to address the significant amount of non-violent substance abusing participants being placed on probation only to be revoked due to their untreated and continued use of drugs. This specialty court is designed to address the participant’s need for treatment, support and monitoring in a highly structured system. This system includes a treatment program, frequent drug testing, case management, supervision by Adult Drug Court judge(s), the Probation and Parole Department and other community resources, e.g. peer support services. Data is current as of December 31, 2017 and will be updated yearly.

    • 1998 to present
    • Currently presided over by Judges Hand and Badeaux
    • Current Census – 266
    • Drug Free babies – 8
    • Cost per client per year – $4,731.95
  • Recidivism rate – 1 year = 6.9%; 2 year = 13.8% as calculated by the Louisiana Supreme Court