Bond Court

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Bond Court was established in 2001 to implement and track a drug screening program as a condition of bond pursuant to then Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure Article 336. See also Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure Article 320(E). In 2018, the court was awarded grant funds to expand the Bond Court in connection with a sequential intercept program designed to provide pretrial services to judicially involved citizens. Initial screening of all arrestees will include the collection of information concerning an arrestee’s previous recidivism, previous or current drug or alcohol abuse and possible mental illness. The screening information will be evaluated by a licensed social worker for further assessment where applicable. Additionally, the court, the District Attorney, law enforcement and Clerks’ offices will identify those arrestees who would benefit from Specialty Court participation or pretrial services prior to or in connection with adjudication. The sequential intercept program is scheduled to begin in January, 2019.

Commissioner Foil presides over Bond Court. His staff acts as screeners and managers of any pretrial bond conditions set by the Commissioner.